Gimp Video Tutorials (four)

Posted by Jacob Philpott

From Monday to Thursday this week, I have made a video a day on simple Gimp techniques to do. I talk in all of them and in my opinion explain the techniques clearly. I hope you enjoy them :)

By the way, I really suggest going to Youtube to watch the high quality versions (the text on the screen will be clear).

Simple Space Background
[high quality]

Basic Text Effects
[high quality]

Pixel Decompose Effect
[high quality]

Picture in Text
[high quality]


sandblogs said...

do you know how to use Indian languages in GIMP.
I am trying to add Indian fonts in GIMP but that dosent work.
Can you help me out.

Mel Melhado said...

Thanks for sharing. My Photoshop license is about to expire and i'm thinking of using GIMP as an alternative software. This is really helpful especially to a newbie like me. Naples homes for sale

Rohi Sharma said...

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