The 393 And 671 Collections

Posted by Jacob Philpott

Ok, so I've finally compiled a new batch of stock photos. There are 393 total, including different subjects as people, backgrounds, animals, architecture, etc. All of the images are high quality and large pictures.

They are on 10 different downloads.


Enjoy! :)


BTW if you haven't seen my 671 collection of 671 stocks, here are the downloads to those:

Landscapes and Locations
Effects and Patterns
People and Game Characters


**Please note I do not take credit for any of the photographs or pictures**


El Llama said...

I have a question
how do you get all these from Google Images?? haha seems like such an unlikely source
by the way, love both of your stock packs!

Ajit said...

ha thanks :)

carefully looking around is how i find them ;)

Mel Melhado said...

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